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Wir bieten zur Zeit mehr als 440 Uhren Modelle - alle ab Lager Deutschland lieferbar.
Alle Fotos auf unseren Seiten sind Originalbilder unserer Replikate - nicht aufgehübscht und nicht photoshopped.

What you see is what you get!

Unsere Spezialitaet sind die Uhrenmarken Rolex und Breitling.
Daneben bieten wir Nachbauten der Marken Cartier, TAG Heuer, Bulgari und Patek Philippe.

Wasserdichte Uhren

Seit kurzem ist unser Hersteller in der Lage, wasserdichte Uhren zu liefern.
Noch lange nicht alle Modelle, aber in der Rolex Submariner Serie sind schon diverse Modelle, mit denen man durchaus in die Badewanne gehen kann.

Versand aus Deutschland

Replica Uhren aus Deutschland

Wir liefern unsere Replica Uhren direkt aus Deutschland.

Umtausch oder Reklamationen sind also auch ganz problemlos möglich. Bei Uhren aus USA oder China wäre das nicht machbar.

Wir sind die Spezialisten für Rolex

Rolex Submariner Replica

Der größte und bekannteste Hersteller von Schweizer Luxusuhren ist Rolex mit einem Marktanteil von 80%.
Wir führen mehr als 150 Modelle in AAA-Qualität.

Cycles of Life for Replica Watches

Like most industries if not at all, the replica watch industry has evolved over time to something pretty great. True, the worst watches will always remain the worst because their makers don’t care, but the higher-end replica watches and their makers are headed rolex replica watchessomewhere. In and around the industry, we take about ‘generations of watch,’ meaning different life cycles of a watch as it matures. If you were born at a time when say a Rolex replica was still in its infancy, you simply had no shot of getting a good one – that was generations away. On the other hand, if you were around for a fourth generation, than you had your pick of four generations of that watch.
Often times when a replica watch maker wants to make Replica Uhren aus Deutschlanda replica watch, they get a real one, take it apart, and experiment with how to reproduce it cheaply as well as noting down all of the exact measurements and weights. This could involve scanners, xrays, internet research, and more. They’ll try and get a profile of the watch so that they can input it into a CNC machine and cut components to replicate the real ones. A fake bezel to match a real bezel; a fake crown to match a real crown; and so forth. But, some bad replica watch makers just rely on photographs and estimation, if you can believe that, and their 1. gen are embarrassing copies waiting to be picked apart by disappointed customers before evolving in time. Is Panerai to Blame for its Replica Watches?
TAG Heuer Replica Uhren
Funnily enough, name brand companies are in part to blame for the ease of replication because they make so many variations of their signature watches. Like take Panerai, for example. They use just ONE basic case for all their watches in their Historical series. So replica makers can just use ONE basic design in all of their Panerai replicas.
Trick-of-the-trade, or just trick? This explains the ton of replica Luminor Marina watches that are out now that use the PAM-001 basic case style. This happens all the time – these days replica houses are doing it with other Panerai casings, like the replica Panerai PAM 106 Submersible. From the get-go, replica makers are only interested in the feasibility of a product on the market, not about it’s aesthetic beauty or place in chronographic history, like Panerai is concerned with. And when a new replica watch comes out, they knew that people will snatch it up, even if it was a 1. gen with flaws coming out ‘the wazoo.’ It’s like a guinea pig, that the public finds too cute to resist, so they take it home and nurture it, paying meanwhile for future generations of modified ones that others will have the privilege of owning at the expense of these ‘guinea pigs of the guinea pigs.

By the third, fourth generation, the watch has Cartier Replica Uhren per Nachnahmeripened to as near perfection as possible. To some, it looks like the replica houses are earnestly trying to make more accurate watches, but no – they’re just naturally evolving, almost helplessly evolving. Cost and marketability are the inherent, implicit motivating factors of the evolution – survival of the fittest, so to speak.

But why do flaws continue to be passed down from generation to generation? One asks if the cost is negligible, then why fix it? is the answer. Humans for example still have many failings, but as long as we can get by, it’s ok. If it costs more to fix something than to keep it, then it’s not worth fixing - because overall as a whole, it ain’t broke. We’re not dealing here with Swiss craftsmen, we’re dealing with the Asian. Who doesn’t know quality from a hole in the wall. It’s the bottom line that concerns them, nothing more refined than that. Take for example the infamous Panerai PAM-111 Luminor Marina replica. Its generations speak volumes about watch evolution
Rolex Replica GMT-Master

Die Qualität unserer nachgebauten Uhren ist heute so gut, daß sie vom Original nicht mehr zu unterscheiden sind - zumindest von außen.
Bei uns gibt es keine Phantasie-Modelle. Alle unsere Uhren sind Plagiate - also Nachbauten von echten Uhren.

Seit kurzem sind einige Modelle sogar bedingt wassertauglich. Zum tauchen zwar nicht geeignet, aber für den Pool reicht es.

Bestellung im Shop

Die Bestellung im Shop ist denkbar einfach. Auf jeder Produktseite gibt es einen Link "Bestellung". Wenn Sie darauf klicken, öffnet sich Ihr Email-Programm. Alle wichtigen Daten zur jeweiligen Uhr stehen schon in der mail. Absender eingeben, auf "Senden" klicken - fertig. Wir antworten umgehend.

Breitling Chronomat Replica

Die Nachbauten unserer Uhren sind exakt und detailgetreu. Sie entsprechen optisch und zum Teil auch in den Funktionen den Originalen.
Wir bieten erstklassige Kopien an - keine Fantasie-Modelle, die lediglich den Namen des Herstellers auf dem Zifferblatt tragen.

Uhren auf der BaselworldDer Produzent unserer Uhren besucht regelmäßig die großen Uhrenmessen. Somit sind wir immer auf dem laufenden über neue Modelle.
Es dauert jedoch seine Zeit, bis diese dann in unser Programm gelangen. Das hängt von mehreren Faktoren ab:

1. Die Uhren werden immer komplizierter. Auch für die Herstellung unserer Modelle müssen dann erst die technischen Voraussetzungen geschaffen werden.
2. Nicht alle neu vorgestellten Uhrenmodelle entsprechen den Kundenwünschen. Manchmal läuft ein Modell einfach nicht - dann wird es auch nicht kopiert.

Jeder Hersteller von Luxusuhren hat ein offenes Ohr für Sonderwünsche. Unikate von Luxusuhren, die nach Kundenanforderung gefertigt wurden, sind keine Seltenheit.
Bei uns ist dies leider nicht möglich. Das, was Sie auf unseren Seiten sehen, können wir ab Lager Deutschland liefern - mehr nicht.

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Replicas and their original representation can be seen as fake or real depending on the viewer. Good replicas take much education related to understanding all the processes and history that go behind the culture and the original creation. To create a good and authentic replica of an object, there is to be a skilled artisan or forger to create the same authentic experience that the original object provides.
This process takes time and much money to be done correctly for museum standards. Authenticity or real feeling presented by an object can be described as the experience of an aura of an original. An aura of an object is what an object represents through its previous history and experience.
Replicas work well in museum settings because they have the ability to look so real and accurate that people can feel the authentic feelings that they are supposed to get from the originals. Through the context and experience that a replica can provide in a museum setting, people can be fooled into seeing it as original.Rolex Promis James Bond
The authenticity of a replica is important for the impression it gives off to tourists or observers. “According to Trilling, the original use of authenticity in tourism was in museums where experts wanted to determine whether objects of art are what they appear to be or are claimed to be, and therefore worth the price that is asked for them or…. worth the admiration they are being given.

These reproductions and the values of authenticity presented to the public through artefacts in museums provide “truth”. However, authenticity has a way of also being represented in what the public expects in a predictable manner or based on stereotypes within museums. This idea of authenticity also relates to cultural artefacts like food, cultural activities, festivals, housing, and dress that helps to homogenize the cultures that are being represented and make them seem static.

For luxury goods, the same authentic feel has to be present for consumers to want to buy a “fake” designer bag or watch that provides them with the same feelings and desired experiences, but as well achieves the look of higher class.

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